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Falling leaves 22-24.9.2023 Lahti- Kona Rove Nrb rental bike

KONA ROVE NRB S 50 162-170cm 1. TA
KONA ROVE NRB M 52 165-175cm 1. TA
KONA ROVE NRB L 54 170-182cm 1. TA
KONA ROVE NRB L 54 170-182cm 2. TA
KONA ROVE NRB L 56 175-188cm 1. TA
KONA ROVE NRB L 56 175-188cm 2. TA
KONA ROVE NRB XL 58 182-198cm 1. TA
From 120,00 € / d
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KITETIRRI OUTDOORS kitetirri@gmail.com +358 40 5404513 Company id: 1816596-2 Merchant terms

High quality gravel bikes, take part on autumns nice,

FALLING LEAVES 22-24.9.2023

We have a good selection, these works perfeckt on this competition.

Reserve now, order online!

Pick up from 9:00 - return same day until 22:00 or next day from 8:00 - 9:00 mornings .

NOTE: Reserved bikes has to be paid 60 days in advantage, we send a payment button on your given e-mail 15.7.2023 .We take 300€ deposit for the rental period, has to be paid with customers credit card by picking up the bike.

Terms here!

Pick up and return: Kitetirri Outdoors - Hämeenlinnantie 59 - 15800 Lahti

Gravel bike rental includes: High quality Kona Rove Nrb gravel bike, mtb helmet, U- lock packed in a packback, 1 reservetube (tyres have STANS inner sealant milk inside) SPD -kombi pedals, 2 bottle holder