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GRAVEL biking is fun and relaxing.

The gravel bike is very suitable for Finland, with easy-rolling tires, easy shifting, a comfortable riding position and lots of attachment point for equipment for day trips. The gravel bike does not shy from gravel surfaces, however, it is not suitable for rocky or very rooting forest paths. You can easily make 45-150 km day trips, depending on your fitness level. Discover gravel biking by renting a bike online from Kitetirri Outdoors.


Salpausselkä Geopark gravel land

It is easy to plan day trips for the area's diverse roads, as a rule, the roads are on rough asphalt and you can easily find long sections of gravel. You can reach the best routes directly from Kitetirri Outdoors, get newes route information and the best rental equipment. You will love the port of Lahti, the milieu of the church village of Hollola, the center of Vääksy, the gravel roads of Vierumäki. The area is also well catered for and has several breweries. We recommend visiting at least the kiosk in Hollola church village, the Ranskalainen kyläkauppa in Vääksy and Kanavan Panimo, in Heinola Heinäsaari and Ranta Casino

Here the best routes !

For whom the gravel bike is suitable

Gravel biking is the all-biking class of road cycling, easy shifting, good brakes and a comfortable driving position allow even for very first rides 45-80km treks, depending on the fitness level. There is no Dressing code needed, dress according to the purpose and the events around the sport are fun to do and be together. Feel free to try it out, and there is also possibilities to rent an electric bike for your friend, so you can enjoy biking together.