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S15" 150-168cm CUBE Reaction Hybrid Pro 625
M (158-175cm)
L (168-188cm)
From €40.00 / 3 h
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KITETIRRI OUTDOORS kitetirri@gmail.com +358 40 5404513 Company id: 1816596-2 Merchant terms

CUBE  with front suspension and plus size tires are suitable from May to Nowember, ecspecially for touring and are equiped with a big 625w battery you can reach up to 120km without loading. Tires are good for trails on a forest and for pawed roadtours. Bikes are equiped with a luggage rach, mudgards and on a dark season with lights. For extra price you can rent saddlebags and a GPS device.

Bike rental only with 200€ / bike caution, paid from customer´s own credit card before rental period, caution will be paid back immediadly when Kitetirri`s staff has checked bikes condition.

Pick up and return: We will temporarily deliver to the restaurant Lokki´s parking place, from 1.6.2022 onwards we are located on Salpausselkä Park, Hämeenlinnantie 59, 15800 Lahti