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Terms & Conditions

The parties

The owner / seller / renter / booking manager

Kitetirri Tmi
Veräjämäenkatu 27
15830 Lahti
Mobtel: +35840 5404513
Business Id: FI18165962

The Customer

The customer agrees to abide by the following terms and conditions when purchasing products and services through the Kitetirri Tmi website and online store.


Booking terms & conditions

These terms & conditions apply to both rented and booked products and services and products. These are commonly referred to as "the order".


  • The customer is responsible for familiarizing themselves with all aspects of their order: the product description, the booking item(s) and locations, the services offered, and also the terms & conditions relating to the user guidelines and bookings/orders.

  • An order is considered to be binding after the order has been successfully paid according to the approved payment method and an order / payment confirmation has been sent to the cusotmer’s e-mail.


  • Kitetirri Tmi is not responsible for the placement of an unsuccessful order, however, the customer must contact Kitetirri Tmi without delay to correct the situation. Kitetirri Tmi does not guarantee that the ordered item or period will still be free in this situation.



  • If the ordered item or time is not available, the money will be returned or, if possible, another order item or time may be offered instead.

 Cancellations and changes

The date of a cancellation is the date on which Kitetirri Tmi has been informed per e-mail ( from order cancellation.

  • The customer is responsible that the cancellation is sent in as soon as possible.

    • When the order is cancelled earlier than 21 days from the start of the booking, the cancellation is free of charge.

    • When the order is cancelled between 21 and 14 days from the start of the booking, service fees will be charged. The service fee is 25 € (including VAT 24%).

    • When the order is cancelled between 14 and 7 days from the start of the booking, 50% of the booking price will be charged.

    • When the cancellation time until the start of the order is less than 7 days, the entire booking price will be charged.

    • On a product-specific basis, group purchases and public trips, the cancellation time may be discretionary.

 Owner's right to cancel a booking

  • In the event of an immediate force majeure, Kitetirri Tmi may cancel an order agreement and the cancellation notice shall be communicated without delay to the relevant customer.

  • The customer will then receive a full refund.

  • However, as a result of a force majeure, no prior costs incurred by the customer related to their order agreement will be reimbursed.


Terms and conditions for bicycle rentals

  • The rental fee is to be paid in advance. The customer must prove their identity with a valid driver license or passport.


  • The customer is obliged to take care of the rented bicycle, as a careful person takes care of their own bicycle and to exercise special care and caution when riding. The customer undertakes to use the rental bicycle only in the manner intended for it.


  • The bicycles will be handed over to the customer inspected and in working order and the bicycle is to be returned to Kitetirri Outdoors in the same condition. User instructions is included in the rental period. The bicycle must be locked from the frame to a fixed object and supervised. A sturdy arch lock, lock carrying backpack, helmet and goggles are included in the rental price.


  • The customer must not make any repairs to the rental bicycle themselves. The customer should stop driving and contact the Kitetirri Outdoors if there is a clicks or other inappropriate sounds from the bicycle. At worst, continuing to drive could result in injury to the user of bicycle or breakage of the bicycle.


  • The customer is obliged to compensate for the damage to the bicycle and equipment, as well as the parts and equipment lost from the bicycle. If the bicycle is broken, they will be charged according to the purchase price of the new equivalent part + replacement work. The customer is responsible for the full market value of the rented bicycle and equipment until the bicycle is returned by the customer and inspected by Kitetirri Outdoors.

  • The rental bicycle and equipment must be returned to the adreed location by the end of rental period. If the bicycle is returned after the agreed deadline, the customer is required to perform an additional charge of 30€ for every starting hour. If the bicycle is returned before the agreed deadline, the customer has no rights to get back thew paid rental price.


  • Kitetirri Outdoors reserves the right to charge a maximum deposit up to EUR 300 per bicycle from customers creditcard. The deposit will be charged before the start of the booking and will be refunded once the bicycle has been returned and found to be intact. The deposit can be used to repair a broken rental bicycle or it can withhold, if the bicycle is not returned as agreed.


  • The bicycle may not be handed over to another person or transported to another unless otherwise agreed. The user of bicycle undertakes to comply with the traffic regulations in force in Finland.


  • The user of bicycle is not allowed to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


  • The rented bicycle must be returned to the agreed location at the end of the agreed rental period. It is strictly forbidden to take a rented bicycle outside the borders of Finland unless it has been specifically agreed upon when renting. If the bicykle is returned after the agreed deadline, the customer is required to perform an additional charge of 30€ for every starting hour. If the bicykle is returned before the agreed deadline, the customer has no rights to get back the paid rental price.


  • Kitetirri Outdoors has the right to terminate this agreement within the rental period if it becomes apparent that the customer does not comply with the rental terms of the lease.


  • Any complaints should be made to the Renter as soon as possible after the issue has become apparent.

  • If no satisfactory solution can be immediately reached, or a claim for compensation made, the complaint must be submitted in writing within one month of the end of the rental period, or the ordering process.

  • Kitetirri Tmi will attempt to handle the complaint as soon as possible, but within a maximum period of one month.

  • If the customer and Kitetirri Tmi are unable to reach an agreement, the customer may file a dispute with the Consumer Disputes Board.

 Delivery Terms & Conditions


Online store

Ordered products are selected on the website by adding them to the shopping cart. The order is processed only after successful payment confirmation through the cashier function of the online store. When making an order, the customer agrees to the payment method, delivery terms (postal charges and packing costs) and product prices. A confirmation e-mail with details of the ordered products, their costs and delivery costs is provided at the time of the order.

 Cancellation and return of an order

  • All products have a 14 day return guarantee, according to the Consumer Protection Act; however the right to return is only valid if the product is in the same condition as when purchased.

  • Any possible product packaging should also be marketable.

  • Please contact Kitetirri Tmi for more detailed return instructions.

  • The right to return does not apply to engraved or other personalized products, accommodation services, restaurant services or any other limited leisure time services.


 Product warranty

  • We comply with the warranty terms specified by the manufacturer or importer


Payment terms

  • Kitetirri Tmi uses a trusted and secure payment broker for its services.

  • Kitetirri Tmi does not store any bank or credit card information at any time.

  • The customer agrees to comply with the payment terms.

  • If the invoiced item or product has not been paid for by the due date, the order will be removed and the item returned to the store.



Payment by Kitetirri Tmi invoice (for businesses and communities)

  • An invoice may only be used by companies and communities. Payment by invoice must be agreed beforehand with Kitetirri Tmi. A pdf invoice will be sent by email to the business or community.


  • The invoice must be settled by the indicated due date. For businesses the payment date is 14 days from receipt.


Payment Broker

  • The payment agent for the KitetirriTmi online store is Bambora PayForm (Paybyway Oy, Business ID FI24865594), which is registered in the Register of Payment Institutions and maintained by the Financial Supervisory Authority. Once Bambora PayForm receives paypments on account statements and invoices, it delivers the payments onwards to the online retailer. Payments are secure, as all information concerning payment transactions is transmitted using an encrypted connection, so that no third party can view the payment transaction information. Thus trades are created only between the online store customer and the online store. The KitetirriTmi online store is responsible for all trade-related obligations.

Bambora PayForm, Business ID: FI24865594

Laserkatu 6

53850 Lappeenranta


Tel. +358 29 300 5050



 General Terms & Conditions

  • The prices shown on the website are subject to VAT.

  • Dynamic pricing is applicable to the products and service items and may vary on a monthly, weekly or daily basis.

  • All products are sold only to adults and business customers.

  • The customer is responsible for the accuracy of the information they provide.

  • Kitetirri Tmi has the right to use and disclose registered address information for direct mail, distance sales and other direct marketing purposes, as well as marketing and opinion polls, unless the customer refuses such. The refusal may be made in the contact details mentioned in the terms & conditions.

  • Kitetirri Tmi reserves the right to change to arbitrarily change delivery terms & conditions.

Version: 16.6.2022