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Kite skiing basics lessons 4 hour

Kite skiing basics lessons 4 hour

Come and learn faschinating kite skiing under the guidance of an experienced instructor!

We have super light Flysurfer Peak singleskin and Flysurfer Soul snowkites for use! Good safetys and flies ina very light wind.

Kite skiing is speedy and fascinating, you can move in the desired direction as if sailing, and our modern kites won't leave you cold.

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We add more course days every week on thursdays!

Price: 390€ / person, includes 24% taxes. We take a max. 2 persons for the course. You cannot buy this service from our online shop, we send you a pre-payment button on your e-mail before lessons.

Duration: 4 hours

Course content:

Part 1: Choosing a safe place, wind theory, preparing the kite for the first flight, flying the kite, practicing emergency release, wind window theory (outline of the kite's movement area), power output, safe lowering of the kite, packing of the kite. ( part 1: no skis or snowboard needed!)

Short rest, maybe lunch now or similar, for part 2 you need to have with your own skis/snowboard with boots (can be rented by SkiMac - Messilä)

Part 2: Prepairing kite for a flight by student, take off the kite ( you are now wearing skis or snowboard), powerstroke, strating to move with kite, turns left and right, snow kiting slightly against-, side and downwind ( choosing and holdind cource), takedown from kite with care and packing the kite. Exercise feedback

The price of the course includes the rental of kites, harnesses, ice screws, ice picks and helmets, as well as training.

Dress according to the weather, layered clothing, warm sturdy footwear and a warm break jacket for a momentary warm-up. A warm drink is recommended in Thermos. Our company has insurance for our trainer. Please make sure that your accident insurance is in order before you participate in the course. Some insurance companies require a separate sports add-on. Taking a kite course is always at your own risk.

Suitable for: Sporty people, kids under 18 years only with parents.

Dates: 22.1-26.3.2023 daily by good weather forecast and safe conditions on ice.

It will be organized in Lahti - Vesijärvi, the meeting place will be arranged according to the wind direction - alternatives are Mukkula, Lahti harbor or Messilä Camping. The courses have a weather and conditions guarantee, we will move the course or refund the course fee if the weather and conditions forecast prevent the organization of a safe course!

We operate in nature - on nature's terms!

Ask for availability for time you want, we organize courses as needed, even every day, if possiple!

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