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Bike rental with service

Our family package for summer 2024

We want to offer families fun things to do together by electric mountain biking in the wonderful terrains of Salpausselkä. We have bikes from 135 cm tall. The participant must know how to ride a bike with a handle brake.

Inquire by e-mail kitetirri@gmail.com about availability for the date, time slot and group size you want, at the same time indicate the height of the participants, we will find out the availability and make a preliminary reservation for you. If you accept the preliminary reservation, we will send you an advance payment button to your email and your reservation will be confirmed by paying by the due date.

Valid from May 1 to September 15, 2024, subject to availability.

Our family package is priced as follows:

  • 2h rental: 2person-58€, 3person-88€, 4person-114€, 5person-138€, 6person-162€, 7person-185€ ja 8person-206€

  • 3h rental: 2person-68€, 3person-103€, 4person-133€, 5person-161€, 6person-189€, 7person-216€ ja 8person-241€

  • 5h rental: 2person-78€, 3person-118€, 4person-152€, 5person-184€, 6person-219€, 7person-246€ ja 8person-275€

From our office, you can get directly to the trails, and along the way you can easily find several swimming and coffee places.

The family package includes:

  • E-bikes according to our offer, helmets, goggles, locks, backpacks for locks and, at dusk, front and rear lights. We provide instruction on how to use the bikes and help on route planning.