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RED PADDLE VOYAGER touring paddle board rental Lahti

RED PADDLE VOYAGER touring paddle board rental Lahti
RED PADDLE VOYAGER 12,6 ( Paddler 50-110 kg) 1.
RED PADDLE VOYAGER 12,6 ( Paddler 50-110 kg) 2.
RED PADDLE VOYAGER 12,6 ( Paddler 50-110 kg) 3.
RED PADDLE VOYAGER 12,6 (Paddler 50-110 kg) 4.
RED PADDLE VOYAGER 12,6 (Paddler 50-110 kg) 5.
RED PADDLE VOYAGER 12,6 (Paddler 50-110 kg) 6.
From €35.00 / 5 h
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It´s easy to fill with e-pump from car cigarrette lighter!


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Paddle boarding is a relaxed pastime

Enjoy yourself on paddle boarding, it's easy and fascinating. On a paddle board you can see the different shapes of the shore and the diversity of vegetation, while standing you can see the aquatic life very well. Waterfowl dives are fun to watch. A dip in clear-water lakes is the crowning glory of a paddle boarding trip.

Be inspired by nature

A leisurely pace as the board glides along the reed border, a headwind from Vääksy to Lahti, a tour of Padasjoki's lakes and rivers, plan your own trip or get our best tips and route suggestions. Choose your favourite starting point, pump up your board and go on an adventure !

Grab a snack or enjoy our services

Take a snack and a drink with you, there are plenty of places to stop and enjoy a refreshing ice cream in summer.

Rent the high quality RED PADDLE VOYAGER touring paddle board package now!

Star Icon An inflatable paddle board, suitable from beginner to expert, stable board and glides well.

Paddles Icon 12.0 for (paddlers 40-65kg), 12.8 all-purpose (paddlers 50-110kg) and 13.2 speedy (paddlers 60-110kg)

Weight Icon Maximum paddler weight 110kg, plenty of places to attach equipment

Star Icon Really sliding boards and stable, Kitetirri's favourite for overnight trips, you can even go fishing!

Price includes:

  • High quality, Red Paddle Voyager inflatable paddle board, length adjustable paddle, 50N buoyancy vest, phone protection bag, high performance pump, carrying backpack with wheels.

  • Instruction manual and safety instructions for use of the inflatable paddle board.

  • Route tips

At extra cost:

  • Electric pump for car cigarette lighter, 20l dry bag, drinking water

  • Delivery and pick-up of the paddle boards

Good to know:

Be prepared for the trip with outdoor gear appropriate for the weather and bring along

  • A water bottle and a snack, sunglasses and sunscreen, a swimsuit and a towel.

  • A charged phone and a credit card or some cash

For whom a self-service paddle boarding trip is suitable:

The excursion is suitable for those who have already been paddle boarding before. It is advisable to plan the routes according to the current weather forecast, bearing in mind that it is difficult and even dangerous to cross large ridges in strong winds and waves, for example. We will guide you on how to fill and use your paddle boars at our rental point, provide safety instructions and give you expert route tips and instructions to suit your needs.

Pick-up and drop-off point:

Kitetirri Outdoors, Hämeenlinnantie 59, 15800 Lahti, Finland.

Delivery and pick-up at extra cost: Ask for an offer from our sales!

Messilä-, Myllysaari- or Ravintola Lokki parking, please inform when ordering.